Who buys houses in Chicago

“I needed someone to buy my house fast in Chicago!” – URB”s Houses For Cash program specializes in Buying houses, no matter if they’re single-family homes, 2-flat houses, multi-unit properties, or even residential apartment buildings. URB has been buying houses in Chicago in all neighborhoods for many years. Our no hassle and fast buying procedure allow you to collect the money from your house sale quick and worry-free. No waiting for bank approval or pro-longed negotiations.


We Buy Chicago Homes Quickly For Cash

Are you in financial hardship and you can’t afford to keep your house? Do you have a second home in Chicago which you would like to sell to cash out? Do you have a distressed property in Chicago for which you keep on getting violations? Do you have a rehab property you cannot afford to fix at the moment? Have you said, “I need someone to buy my home”, “who will buy my house” or “who buys houses in Chicago”? URB Inc. is a group of professional real estate investors and we buy houses! Our respectful and compassionate house buyers can buy your house fast, in any location, and in any price range. Save yourself the BIG money by selling your house to us because we buy any condition houses too There is nothing you have to worry about or pay for costly repairs on your house. If you want to sell your house this week instead of hoping for a buyer or wondering who buys houses in Chicago and paying mortgage payments every month, contact URB in Chicago today!


Who will buy my house in Chicago Today!

Do you need to find someone who buys houses in Chicago fast? We are a group of Chicago investors and we buy homes in Chicago every day – houses every day for cash from people just like you. Maybe you’ve been trying to sell your home for months or simply you’re happy to get the best value for your home without going through a lot of hassle. Either way, we can help.


We pay cash when buying homes in Chicago.

We buy houses for cash quickly and we buy homes fast. If you have a property that you need or want to sell, you don’t want the stress or delays of repairs, renovations, realtors, or finding an approved buyer, we can work with you and BUY YOUR HOUSE in 7 days or less.

That’s right! URB buyers are the professionals who buy houses in Chicago. We can buy your house directly from you no matter what your situation or condition of your house. We are a group of real estate investors that buys houses from people like you. We are not realtors nor are we associated with any real estate agency. We don’t want to list your house, we just want to buy your house and are able to do so immediately!

Do you: Need an investor who buys houses in Chicago? Are you looking to sell your home, want someone to buy your home/buy your house?
By buying your house in Chicago we can stop foreclosure, save you from foreclosure, help you catch up on payments, or even save your house.

If you’re looking for ways to sell your house quickly for cash call our Fair Cash Offer Hotline or use our online Get Your Free Fair Cash Offer form.

How we can help you:

Buy your house in Chicago fast while still offering a fair Cash sale price
Save you $1,000s in realtor commissions when you sell your house Chicago for cash fast

Save you money when you sell your vacant Chicago home or multi unit property

Unlike Real Estate Agents, there is never a charge or commission when we buy your home in Chicago for cash!

We buy any house in any Chicago area, condition or any price range.

Let us help you- we made it fast, easy, secure and hassle free. Simply fill out the quick form and our Expert Chicago home buyers will call you within 24 hours to discuss a mutually beneficial plan of action to relieve your stress.

Imagine by this time next week you wont have a house payment and would have cash for your Chicago house sale fast and in hand!

Who Buys Houses in Chicago Fast?

At URB Inc. we buy houses faster. We are buyers of homes and buildings in Chicago with immediate access to cash and do not have to wait for a bank’s approval.  Within 24 hours you can get a cash offer on your property and you are moving on with life! We buy houses for cash.

Who Buys Houses in ANY Condition in Chicago
We buy homes in Chicago from sellers who want to sell their houses fast, or their income properties fast, with cash buyers in Chicago who want to buy houses and properties in any condition. Fast, Commission Free!! Sell Your House Fast!

Fast CASH! Run Down, distressed or in good condition homes
We know that selling your home or property can be really stressful, especially… when you need to sell your house fast. We are professional real estate buyers in Chicago, ofton purchasing homes and Real estate properties from people just like you in Chicago .

We Can Help You With ANY Situation
We buy houses
in Chicago in any condition. Our home buyer has a specialized understanding of real estate in Chicago , and can find a selling solution best for you. Our URB buyers have helped sellers in Chicago with all types of situations, and they can help you too!

Quick, Convenient, Personalized
Name the selling dates and moving out dates that are good for you!!

FREE Fast Service to Serve You Better.
Our Chicago real estate buyer buys houses, condos, townhomes, land, apartment buildings and other real estate in your neighborhood. URB has a specialized understanding of real estate in Chicago and has all the knowledge needed to find a selling solution best for you!

Confidential and  No Obligation Offers
Your information will only be shared with Real Estate people directly related to buying your house or property in Chicago . We’ll assess your situation quickly and present the best – no obilation solution.

How Fast Can I Sell My House?
We can make you a cash offer on your house in Chicago within 24 hours and in as little as a week, – you’ll move on with your life.

How Much Will You Buy My House For?
We’llbuy your house for more than fair price. We’ll most likely buy your house in Chicago for more than anyone else would or will. We believe in win and win real estate transaction for all.

Do I Pay For you for Your Services?
Our offers are completely free and there is no obligation

Can I or how do I rent my house back? It’s really easy to keep your house or home in Chicago, even if you have financial difficulties. We can buy your house from you, thus clearing your debts, with maybe some leftover for you. Then, we can lease the property back to you for however long you wish.
This is an excellent option for those who have built up financial difficulties due to overstretching, or possibly with the rise in interest rates, the mortgage becomes too much to handle. It is important you that take action sooner rather than later, as debts can get out of hand when ignored. If you still have an income, then giving up your mortgage, may give you extra funds enabling you to get your finances back in order.

Cash-out or Equity Release. Maybe you are retired and have your property paid for. Maybe you wish to release the equity that you have in order to use the money as you wish. Well, the same applies, we can purchase your property from you with cash. Then you would rent the property from us at a term specified by you, at an agreed rent for that term. Whether six months or 10 years, once we have agreed, then that’s what we will stick to.

More and more home-owners across Chicago are looking for people or companies who buy houses in Chicago. URB home buyers will make you an offer on your property and we’ll make it possible to close the sale fast. This will allow you to avoid waiting for a sale on the open market.

If you want to take cash out of your home or to cash in your house but keep your home, you can sell it and rent back your property quickly and easily by using our professional home buyers. We’ll get you cash for your house and often complete sales within 30 days, meaning that you can get cash now for you’re your home, release the equity and continue living in your property without affecting your home life.