Urb, Inc. makes owning a home a possibility for just about anyone!

Urb, Inc. offers properties for first time home buyers, investors, rehabbers, contractors and individuals looking to take advantage of current housing prices.

In addition, Urb, Inc. also offers Owner/Seller Financing without credit check and no bank prequalification enabling just about anyone the opportunity to own a home.

Since all of Urb, Inc.’s Chicago homes are owned by the company, our “Chicago homes for sale by owner” and “owner financing” approaches take out the middle-man and allows you to deal directly with us.

With Urb, Inc.’s Chicago homes for sale by owner, you can be assured our inventory of foreclosed and distressed Chicago single family and multi-unit homes have passed our strict inspection standards, were purchased at a good price and have clean titles and taxes.

Rehabbing and selling distressed and foreclosed Chicago homes for sale, Bank owned homes or even some Chicago foreclosures for sale for a profit is a good way for most people to make money on Chicago real estate. 

Urb, Inc’s Chicago homes for sale with owner financing has removed the hassles of you trying to get a loan and can provide you with the money on terms to suit your budget.

We Also Buy Houses in Chicago

We pay cash when buying homes in Chicago. Urb. Inc. buys houses for cash quickly. If you have a property that you need or want to sell, but you don’t want the stress or delays of repairs, renovations, realtors, or finding an approved buyer, we can work with you.

All conditions
• Distressed
• Foreclosed
• Abandoned
• Repossessed
• Handyman Specials
• Fixer Uppers

Urb Neighborhoods

• Ashburn
• Austin
• Avalon Park
• Back of the Yards
• Beverly
• Bronzeville
• Burnside
• Canaryville
• Chatham
• Chicago Lawn
• Englewood
• Fuller Park
• East Garfield Park 
• Garfield Ridge
• Grand Boulevard
• Grand Crossing
• Gresham
• Hyde Park
• Kenwood
• Lawndale Oakland
• Roseland
• South Chicago
• South Deering
• South Shore
• Washington Park West
• West Garfield Park

Own A Home! Looking for Foreclosed Chicago homes for sale, Condo or perhaps a Chicago single family 3 Bedroom or 4 Bedroom house to fix up and live in yourself? Urb, Inc.. could have the handyman special home just for you.

Be Your Own Boss! Urb, Inc. lowest price, distressed and foreclosed properties for sale that are the perfect fixer-uppers to start you in your own business. In addition, URB, Inc. has Chicago rehab money, Chicago rehab loans and Chicago hard money lenders that are available to help you get started.

Make More Money! Urb, Inc. foreclosures and foreclosed buildings list include single-family house’s, 2 unit, 3 units and multi-unit apartment buildings that are for sale in Chicago, all properties on the south and west sides are at our Wholesale and Liquidator cheap deal prices for you to turn around and make a profit on.

Featured Income Producing Property

Urb, Inc. by your side

• Ideas to help you rent or sell your foreclosed property as quickly as humanly possible
• Expertise to guide you in making the most money from your foreclosed homes and Chicago foreclosures
• URB, start rehabbing owner financing program gives you the options to Sell for profit, Keep a south side or west side multi-unit for an investment and rent it for income or perhaps even Own a Chicago south side or west side home for you and your family, it all begins with one call to Urb, Inc. today!

Urb, Inc. provides you

• Programs to purchase Chicago foreclosed homes and Chicago foreclosures with URB’s owner financing and with only a small deposit
• Guaranteed short-term URB financing on our Chicago foreclosures…. regardless of your credit
• Chicago’s largest selection prime rehab money making foreclosed homes and Bank Foreclosures
• Money making real estate investment opportunities
• Solutions to reach your financial goals