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Chicago Bank REO Homes

Many times Chicago homeowners get in over their heads when it comes to purchasing a new home. When they’ve have taken out a loan from the bank and are unable to make their payments their home will be turned over to the bank with the foreclosure process. From there the bank will place the property on the Real Estate market for auction or sell thru a Chicago real estate reo agent. These types of properties immediately become Chicago REO Properties and are usually sold pretty cheap.

Why Choose URB’s Chicago REO Properties?

Because URB, inc, is the leader in Chicago’s real estate foreclosures!

Rehabbing URB’s listings of Chicago bank reo’s for sale with our seller financing creates so much equity in a property it allows an individual the flexibility to either keep the property with a very low mortgage payment and high cash flow; or the room to sell the REO property below market to attract buyers and still make a significant return on your investment.

URB Inc. is a company that buys listings of bank foreclosed real estate and then re-sells the REO properties in the City of Chicago. We give individuals who might NOT have all the cash to purchase a property and the money to fix it, an opportunity to rehab Reo homes for sale and create significant equity in that property, even before they finish paying us for it. This opens up the world of rehabbing reo’s to the average individual. It also minimizes risk and maximizes your return.

Our Chicago REO Listings

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Your time is valuable. When looking for a home to purchase on the market you will no doubt spend countless hours searching out that perfect property that will make your dreams come true. You could spend weeks of endless footwork and search through the newspapers or online. However, with Urb Chicago REO Properties for sale, we’ve cut out the leg work and much of the searching that will save you both time and money. Included in our listings are some Chicago Bank REO Properties for sale that were purchased from banks are ready for rehab.

URB Chicago Reo Properties for Sale is a great way to make money!

Our seller-financed south side Chicago Reo properties and west side REOforeclosed homes, Chicago Bank REO foreclosures, REO’s and Bank-Owned Homes for sale are added  frequently if not daily to URB’s Chicago Real Estate ready for rehabbing listings of Reo’s for sale that include:

  • REO Chicago Homes for sale
  • Chicago 2 Flats, 3 Flats & 4 Flats for sale
  • Chicago Apartment Buildings for sale
  • Chicago Reo foreclosures for sale
  • South side homes for sale
  • West side reo homes for sale
  • Tax lien foreclosures
  • Reo Single family homes for sale
  • Reo Bank foreclosed homes
  • Bank owned property
  • Bank repo’s for sale
  • Multi-unit buildings for sale
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Chicago Bank owned Reo’s
  • Stores and Reo store fronts w/apts
  • Town homes & Condominiums
  • Commercial Reo’s for sale & Vacant Property

URB, Inc. properties conditions

  • Distressed
  • Foreclosed
  • Abandoned
  • Repossessed
  • Handyman Specials
  • Fixer Uppers

You will find the information you need on our Bank Reo Properties for sale in Chicago on our properties page. Our listings of Chicago Reo Properties and Homes for Sale includes Bank Reo Properties in Chicago, Reo Homes in Chicago, and Chicago REO property listings.

URB, Inc. provides you with…
…Programs to purchase Chicago foreclosed REO homes and Chicago foreclosures  with Urb’s owner financing and with only a small deposit
…Guaranteed short-term Urb financing on our Chicago REO foreclosures…. regardless of  your credit
…Chicago’s largest selection prime rehab money making foreclosed homes and Bank foreclosures
…Money making real estate investment opportunities
…Solutions to reach your financial goals