URB Sells and Buys Houses In Chicago

URB makes it possible for just about anyone to own a home and we've made it easy for homeowners who need to sell fast for cash.

Four main reasons people have been coming to URB since 1986 when they need to sell a house fast for cash in Chicago.

No Hassles
No Surprises
URB has been buying real estate in Chicago since 1986, so you can trust that we know what we are doing.

Fair Value
We understand that you want the most for your property, which is why URB doesn't play around and will give you a fair value.

Fast Cash Closing
Because we take care of the paperwork and costs, you can have a fast cash closing in as little as 7 days.

Boarded-up, needing a lot of work, or In pretty good shape, we will buy your for cash as in, regardless of its condition.

We also pay cash for multi-family properties include 2,3 and 4-flats, as well as retail and commercial real estate.


Affordable Houses To Live-in, Rent-out, or Flip.

URB has affordable homes for sale in Chicago such as single-family homes, investment property, and other wholesale properties for sale in Chicago.

We offer properties for first time home buyers, rehabbers, and investors with owner/seller financing without a credit check and no bank prequalification.

URB has been supplying vacant property for sale, distressed homes for sale, and bank owned homes for sale in Chicago since 1986.

We are also known as the most trusted distressed property seller with income properties for sale in Chicago.

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Are you looking for Chicago real estate for sale cheap in Chicago’s southside and westside neighborhoods?

URB specializes in selling south side houses for sale cheap and west side houses for sale cheap. Whether you are looking for wholesale properties for sale in Chicago such as fixer upper single family homes, multi unit properties for sale in Chicago to grow your rental portfolio or bank owned homes for sale URB is your go-to seller of distressed properties for sale in Chicago, IL.

URB also offers owner financing contract for deed fixer uppers for sale and we provide distressed and abandoned Chicago home buyers a low-cost way to pay for your handyman special as well as afford to renovate your fix and flip property regardless of your income or credit history. 

We have real estate for sale at bargain prices. Whether you are in search of 2-flat wood-frame houses in Englewood, red-brick Chicago bungalows for sale in West Pullman, Greystones for sale, or brick multi-unit properties for sale in Chicago’s west side, we have the distressed, abandoned, and gutted homes for sale that rehabbers are buying. 

Improve Your ROI!

URB foreclosures and foreclosed investment properties list include single-family house’s, 2 unit, 3 units and multi-unit apartment buildings that are for sale in Chicago, all properties on the south and west sides are at our Wholesale and Liquidator cheap deal prices for you to turn around and improve the return on your investment.

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Owner financing homes for sale in Chicago

We’ve talked a lot about our Chicago owner financing programs which allow buyers to buy distressed handyman specials and fix and flip properties with low money down and affordable monthly payments. So, how does our FSBO contract for deed program work for home buyers?

URB Chicago doesn’t check credit reports, so when you buy Chicago real estate with no credit and bad credit are no problem. You can even buy a house with low income. Our goal at URB Chicago is to make affordable homes available to nearly anyone. We offer programs to help buy a house with bad credit. So, you can buy a house with a 500 credit score. Heck, you can even buy a house with a 400 credit score. 

Since we offer affordable homes that are often in distressed and abandoned condition, or homes with Chicago building code violations that are Foreclosed Chicago properties for sale we can sell our properties at wholesale prices. Our owner financing agreements are the perfect fit for Cook County, IL homebuyers looking for a handyman special and companies that fix and flip homes. Our FSBO properties are a great way to buy Chicago real estate for sale without needing to apply for mortgage lender approvals. Our seller financing program is designed for people with bad credit and low income in mind. That means you can put low money down and pay affordable monthly payments that are often equivalent to buying a new car. 

Invest in Chicago real estate; buy wholesale rental properties for sale Chicago

So you know what fixer uppers for sale Chicago are, but what type of Chicago property will give you the best bang for your buck? 

Chicago is known as a melting pot of American cities due to their job booms from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. In order to manage the massive influx of job-seekers and immigrants, the city of Chicago depended on the construction of multi-unit properties. Drive through any Chicago southside or westside neighborhood such as Hyde Park, Garfield Ridge, Chicago Lawn, or Avalon Park and you will be greeted with brick 2 flats for sale and brick 3 flats for sale, as well as 4 unit apartment buildings. Brick was a mainstay of Chicago architecture after Chicago’s Great Fire, and it is evident in subsequent construction. Brick homes for sale and brick rental investment properties for sale in Chicago are evidence of the great builders during these times. Today's rehabbers have found opportunities in Chicago’s rental opportunities and there is good reason. 

Investing in Chicago multi unit rental properties allows you to buy and often renovate Chicago multi-unit real estate for the same price as single-family homes. With the option to buy multi-unit apartment buildings from URB Chicago for low money down and affordable monthly payments, you can rehab several units as potential rental properties that are often comparably priced to single-family homes in Chicago’s southside. 

The other advantage to buying distressed multi-flat and multi-use properties for sale in Chicago is that you can invest in growing rental neighborhoods that have been seeing considerable rent increases over the past decade as residents from North Chicago are willing to pay more money to live in historic rehabbed buildings with proximity to Downtown Chicago, Jackson Park, Millennium Park, and South Chicago’s amazing activities.  

URB is dedicated to the real estate improvements rental property investors are bringing to Chicago's most historic neighborhoods.  

Chicago bank foreclosed homes for sale

Distressed, abandoned, gutted houses for sale. These are only a few types of neglected properties for sale in Chicago. One of the fastest growing type of fixer upper for sale in Chicago is bank owned homes. 

URB has Chicago foreclosures for sale that you can buy at wholesale prices. These REO properties have been acquired by banks due to homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgage agreement. These off market home prices quickly become auction homes for sale. While some of these Chicago bank foreclosed homes for sale are distressed Chicago properties, many can be purchased with little rehabbing since they were recently owner lived in homes. 

URB sells off market homes at considerable discounts throughout Chicago’s southside, westside, and Cook County, IL. Chicago bank foreclosed homes for sale are a great way to invest in Chicago real estate and for many people without rehab experience offer an affordable opportunity to rehab fixer uppers with less wear and tear. While some bank owned homes for sale may only need cosmetic and landscaping improvements, there are REO properties that have been neglected for years. These properties may have been abandoned due to inheritance, job transfer, divorce, or any of a number of life challenges. As an abandoned Chicago bank foreclosure, these homes can still be purchased with the same owner financing opportunities that URB offers all of their distressed home buyers. 

So, if you are looking for off market homes for sale and Chicago auction homes for sale, URB has the best prices on bank owned homes without needing to attend an auction. Our selection of bank foreclosures can be found throughout Chicago’s southside and westside in neighborhoods such as Beverly, Auburn, Austin, East Garfield Park, West Lawn and more. Buy bank owned homes for sale through URB Chicago. 

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Why buy Chicago fixer uppers for sale in Chicago’s southside and westside.

URB  specializes in selling fixer uppers for sale in Chicago’s south side and west side neighborhoods such as Woodlawn, South Deering, Kenwood, Grand Crossing, and more. But, what exactly is a Chicago fixer upper? 

Fixer uppers for sale in Chicago go by several names such as handyman special, rehab homes for sale, and fix and flip houses for sale. In their simplest term fix and flip properties for sale are highly sought after distressed homes, abandoned and vacant properties for sale, properties with Chicago building code violations, and even gutted homes for sale. 

These bargain properties are ideal for rehabbers flipping houses for profit as well as Windy City residents who are looking for cheap Chicago real estate for sale. When you buy a fixer upper you can save tens of thousands of dollars on Chicago real estate. Additionally, buying rehab homes for sale in Chicago’s southside and westside neighborhoods helps to improve local neighborhoods, bring retail markets to once-thriving communities, as well as improves amenities and infrastructure.

Chicago’s fixer uppers for sale date back to the mid-1800s with job and housing booms in the late 1800s, turn of the century, and 1920s to the 1950s. The housing booms creating some of the country’s most attractive real estate such as Greystones, Chicago bungalows, wood frame houses, and of course 2 flat, 3 flat, 4 unit properties, and other multi unit apartment buildings for sale. 

Buying fix and flip properties such as gutted homes allow companies who rehab homes to put their own modern mark on real estate in Chicago, while investing in Chicago real estate at bargain prices.

URB by your side
• Ideas to help you rent or sell your foreclosed property as quickly as humanly possible
• Expertise to guide you in making the most money from your foreclosed homes and Chicago foreclosures
• URB, start rehabbing owner financing program gives you the options to Sell for profit, Keep a south side or west side multi-unit for an investment and rent it for income or perhaps even Own a Chicago south side or west side home for you and your family, it all begins with one call to Urb, Inc. today!

URB provides you
• Programs to purchase Chicago foreclosed homes and Chicago foreclosures with URB’s owner financing and with only a small deposit
• Guaranteed short-term URB financing on our Chicago foreclosures…. regardless of your credit
• Chicago’s largest selection prime rehab money making foreclosed homes and Bank Foreclosures
• Money making real estate investment opportunities
• Solutions to reach your financial goals

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